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Here are my successful quiz results.....

Which Gundam Seed Guy Will Be Your Match? by nakedkittie67
Lucky Number
Your Guy Is
How Many Kids?2
How Much He Loves You: 91%
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Your guy from Gundam SEED is... by jazie
Hair Color:
Coordinator or Natural:
Date You Met:March 8, 71
Your G.S. guy is:
Your chance of staying together:: 83%
The first thing he said to you:"Excuse me, have we met?"
The place you met:Drifting in Space
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Who is your Gundam SEED DESTINY twinstar? by Creofli
Fave color
SEED DESTINY charTalia Gladys
Played byasiral
X/1999 powerFire
Strength: 76%
Cloned?Keiichi Segawa
....and you are!!Shinn Asuka
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Gundam SEED Fanfic Generator by crazythorn
Insert whatever here:
First character:Shinn
Second character:Meer's Manager
They meet:In the middle of the desert
But then they:Measured Meer’s boobs
And the first character:Said “Get thee to a nunnery”
And Kira Yamato:Kicked ass
Their love was torn apart by:Kira fucking Yamato
But in the end they:Found new lovers
And it was ficced by:technomiko
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Gundam Seed Love Calculator... by kinabalu_boy86
Your Username
Pick A Character...
Your Love Score With Him/Her Is...: 83%
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Your Gundam SEED DESTINY family by Creofli
Your name
Your momMeer Campbell
Your dadShinn Asuka
Your auntLacus Clyne
Your uncleJona Roma Saran
Your grandpaKira Yamato
Your grandmaErica Simmons
Your broUnato Ema Saran
Your sisStellar Loussier
Your sekkrit loverAuel Neider
Your worst enemyTalia Gladys
Your cloneLunamaria Hawke
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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