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Temple O' Trunks

Paintball at White Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Paintball Rules!!
I've went paintballing for the first time at October 25th, 2005.
I started out playing against some of my classmates of Many Faces, #2 team was Me, Blaine, Aaron.M, John, and Tron. Lol I was first shot in the leg... the paintball didn't break at all... :P That was just the second round....Damn my goggles always fog up on me!!! I got some one in the brush but I didn't know who it was.
Round 2 team #2&3 fights
I was hiding in one of the bunkers next to the tower, I noticed there was someone moving on to my right so i thought it was one of my teammates so I ignored him, and come to thought it was an enemy, and he shot me in the head...OUCH!!! That was my last game lol cuz what if i get shot in the head again and pass out unconsious!!! LOL but it's worth going with friends and family for some compition, and have fun.


Safety Rules:
1: Never take off your mask in battle zone (only in the safe zone!)
2: Always point the gun towards the sky or the ground in the safe zone
3: Don't try to drop roll with the gun in your hands
4: When a paintball jams in the barrel don't look in the barrel, take it to the safe zone and clean it
5: Try to avoid shooting someone in the neck, and groine
6: Don't start shooting in the safe zone
Game Rules:
1: You can hide where ever you want in the battle zone
2: When a paintball doesn't break when being shot, your still in the game
3: When shot and paintball breaks and leaves a paint mark on you, don't try to wipe it off (that's cheating!)
4: Yell out "I'm Hit" when shot, so nobody shoots you some more
5: After all of your paintballs are used up and your left with a empty hopper, your out for the game

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